Our goal is to provide strategies and tools to your mission driven organization to increase visibility, resources and revenue.

Our core competencies are:

Fundraising and resource development – donor prospecting, grant research,  proposal writing,  online fundraising, year round fundraising calendar, communication with donors, budget preparation, preparation for donor site visits.

Communications and marketing – creating customized, compelling and strategic messaging for target audiences, online, print and social media messaging to attract donors and supporters, content development for websites, fact sheets, sponsorship packages, annual reports, organizational profile package, developing social media and micro content strategy.

Program/Project management – develop program policies and procedures, develop evaluation tools, conduct monitoring and evaluations, conduct organizational and program reviews for funders, donors, and grant reviews.

Organizational development – executive coaching, fundraising training for Board of Directors and start-up nonprofits, strategic planning and facilitation, strategies for multi-year, multi-channel communication and fundraising campaigns.

In consultation with your organization, Durga Consulting will create an Annual Scope of Work addressing your fundraising and communication needs.